Brahm Arian

Brahm Arian

  • Zine
  • Production Manager
  • 703-591-4000

Although Brahm wears many hats at Zine, he is in charge of all post-production and mailing projects. 

Favorite Book

I’ve never been much of a reader, and Kia often reminds me that I’m missing a world of inspiration and imagination. The book I’ve read the most would be my Bible and my trusted bible concordance.

Favorite Movie

I’m up for watching any movie, but movies are lullabyes for me. I’m usually sound asleep about 30 minutes into the movie. So I prefer action-packed, suspense movies. That way, I just take intermittent naps instead of sleeping through the whole thing.


My favorite activity is exercise. I’ve been going to the gym six days a week at 5:00am for almost 10 years now (even on vacations). I enjoy the crazy Bootcamp and Insanity classes. But I also like a nice spinning class every now and then. My newest hobby is making green smoothies. I frequent our local Korean grocery store and corner the Asian natives to interrogate them about their various exotic green vegetables so I can add them to my smoothie.


I’m not a pet person, but my kids keep asking for one. If I give in, I know I’ll be the one who ends up taking care of it.

What I love about my job…

I love the freedom and autonomy that comes with having your own business. It’s not easy but the rewards are well worth it. Our work is an an extension of our lives and our children have reaped the rewards of always having their mom or dad and other family around them. We’re truly blessed.