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Double Your Clients and Scale Your Practice Working with Clients Who Love You, Stay With You, and Tell Others About You

Three biggest mistakes professional services practices make when they try to grow:

1- More clients/cases equals more revenue/growth.
In truth, a high volume client load usually means more poor quality clients and more low value cases which results in needing more volume, which equals working harder and longer with clients you don’t love and cases you don’t really want.

2 - Unremarkable message that sounds like everyone else and dilutes your authority.
We've been taught to differentiate using expert content to develop expert status. Or to create a unique process to differentiate ourselves. However, people don’t want tomes of content about law, estate plans, stock markets, insurance, retirement plans, or whatever your expertise is. They don't want to become experts, or spend time learning that stuff. They want to trust someone to do it for them. They don't want to learn your process. They want to trust that your process gets them the results they want.

3 - Ignoring existing leads to chase new leads.
Practice owners get stuck in an unending cycle of hunting for new leads to replenish clients and cases. This is expensive, time consuming, and un-scalable.

Imagine instead…

Attracting Higher Quality Prospects Who Chase You, Gladly Pay Higher Fees, and Refer Others to You