The Million Dollar Direct Mail Greatest Hits File

Get behind the scenes of our best direct mail campaigns by million-dollar companies, and see what made them great.

In this free show ’n tell, you will see samples, both from complex campaigns to simple campaigns, that demonstrate a wide spectrum of marketing and design strategies and principles and how we incorporated them into direct mail campaigns.

  • You will see two advanced campaigns from Dan Kennedy and how he uses offers, sales packages, follow up and a variety of media to drive sales and membership.
  • You will also see the principles of demonstration, consistency, reciprocity, celebrity, associative branding, and familiarity utilized in real campaigns.
  • You will discover how nurture marketing is done with newsletters and shock & awe packages.

Finally, there is one principle that anyone can use and should use when creating their marketing. We call it Results-Driven Design. It is a dual principle that says (1) focus your message on outcomes and (2) track responses so you know how your marketing is performing.

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