Discover Your Voice

Who Are You?
What Problem Do You Solve?
Who Do You Solve it For?


Most practice owners and entrepreneurs can give you the answer to these questions easily enough. But communicating it to their market is a different that they know how to play, but don’t know how to win. 

Entrepreneurs are visionary by nature. They often have hundreds of ideas.


  • Their ideas are scattered and unfocused. 
  • Their implementation is incomplete or incorrect. 
  • They are too busy with clients.
  • They have no time to leverage opportunities.

All these small problems result in one big problem:

 Sporadic Gains, Stunted Growth



To win the game, a business owner must first start with being crystal clear about who they want to help and what problem they want to solve for them.  

Without this clarity, they merely jump from one expensive marketing tactic to another, hoping for a result. Meanwhile confusing their prospects, and overwhelming themselves and their employees. 

There is a better way. 

It starts with knowing what you have to offer your market and what results you can get for them.  

It is a process of discovery. But most business owners don’t understand the process. Nor how to walk through it.



The Zine Brand Discovery Intensive

The Zine Brand Discovery Intensive is a 9-week, workshop-style program that gives clarity to the one thing that sets a business apart and how to express it in a way that compels their market to act.

It is a simple, proven process that gives the entrepreneur a clear starting point on the roadmap of growth. Even if they do nothing else, knowing who they are helping and what results they can get for them will move mountains.  



The Brand Discovery Intensive is now available in a group format.  It is a lower investment but the same goal, how to differentiate yourself and attract your ideal client. More information and registration here. Spots are limited. 



What Is a Brand?

Your brand encompasses all these things:


Your Market Position 

what you do and who you do it for


Your Value Proposition

the problem you solve and the results you achieve


Your Unique Selling Proposition

how you do it and what makes it different


Your Style

the manner in which you operate and communicate with your market


Your Purpose, Mission, and Values 

why you do what you do


Fonts, Colors, and Style 

your visual presentation


The Goal

Narrow Your Offer

The Brand Discovery Intensive is designed to help you unlock what makes you attractive to your target market. It removes distractions and confusing aspects that compete with your USP and dilute your message. The more concentrated and focused your message and market, the more powerful and irresistible it will be. 


Make a Personal Connection

In this program, you will not only narrow your message and your target market, but you will also learn how to add your personal touch (your brand) to your marketing so that your ideal clients will feel a connection to you and want to do business with you. They will choose you not because you’re the cheapest, but because they like you and trust you. They like how you make them feel when they work with you. 


Transform Your Mind

You may find that the greatest change that needs to be made is not just in controlling how people perceive you, but in how you perceive yourself.  People will always accept the value you place on yourself and your products and services. And that valuation begins in your own mind. There are also false assumptions and self-imposed limitations that can only be overcome when someone else points them out.



The Transformation

As you make changes to how you look on the "outside", we will coach you through how to make the appropriate changes on the "inside" so you are fully aligned with your new brand.  


Your skills, experience, talents, and gifts have been given to you for your benefit and for the benefit of others. There are many people who stand to benefit from you and what you offer. And there are others who you are not called to help. The Brand Discovery Intensive will help you identify and focus on the former group. They are waiting for you. 



Schedule a Vision Discovery Session to see if the Brand Discovery Intensive is the breakthrough you need for the next phase of your business and your life.