Behold this nugget o’ wisdom from the Godfather or Direct Mail, Dan Kennedy:

"Direct mail, physically handled and read, creates a lasting impression NOT replicatable with the viewing of online images. Tangible materials trigger a much deeper level of emotional processing, generating more activity in the area of the brain associated with the integration of information. This deeper emotional processing better embeds images in the memories of test subjects."

[Study by Bangor University and Millard Brown using neuroscience to understand the role of direct mail]

In other words, there’s a sumptin’ sumptin’ to receiving a piece of mail that online-only media doesn’t have.

When someone takes the trouble of printing something, digging up your address, forking out postage, and schlepping it to the post office to get it to your mailbox and into your hot little hands—it does something.

The fancy science tell us it fires off brain activity and emotions that permanently leave an impression in your mind.

So…imagine these:

A real birthday card in a hand-addressed bright green envelope vs. a social media post.

A beautifully printed invitation with a gold seal vs. an e-vite.

A handwritten thank you card vs. an email.

Online marketing has its place. But it will never replace real, printed, hold-in-your-hands marketing.

Besides tactile experience, there are many more benefits to print, such as:

  • no spam filter
  • no Silicon Valley telling you what you can do or say, or kicking you off their platform
  • less crowded space
  • no temptation to google your competitors
  • no delete button
  • sits around
  • easy to pass on so the experience is repeated with someone else

If you’ve gotten away from print marketing, we invite you to come back to your first love. We are not going to tell you to stop your online efforts, but we’ll show you how print can boost those efforts and give you gloriously satisfying results.

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