Direct Mail

Books and Guides



  • The Powerzine™ by Zine

    Discover how The Powerzine™ can bring your hard work together in a way that establishes your status and positions you as a Category of One in your industry. Request The Powerzine™ Information Kit, and receive a FREE sample instantly. Request Information

Brand Development

All-In-One Marketing Packages

  • The Book Package

    A self-published book is a staple in any marketer’s marketing arsenal. It firmly establishes your “expert” status and educates prospective clients on your area of knowledge Request Information
  • The Zine Newsletter Program

    It takes commitment to publish a newsletter. An effective printed newsletter will get more clients who trust you, stay with you and refer others to you Request Information

Attorney Marketing Packages

Marketing for Attorneys

  • The Attorney Sales Letter Package

    If you have an active and healthy list of prospective clients, your next step is to create a sales campaign to convert those leads to real, paying clients. That’s the fancy way of saying, “Get money from their pockets into yours.” Request Information