Because When You Advertise Your Product or Services, Few People, If Any, Are Going to Immediately Jump on What You are Selling 

Most people need to get used to you first, understand your product, service or solution, see if you can be trusted, and basically figure out if they're ready to take a step with you. 

They look for clues and cues to make these determinations.

What is your marketing saying? How often are you contacting them? What does it look like? Will you be able to solve their problem? What do others say about you? Are you interesting and easy to be around?

They don’t know they have these questions, but they know when they have the answers. A self-published book gives them those answers.

Great Things You Can Do With Your Book

You can make your book the focus of your advertising and offer it in print ads or internet ads.

Refer to it in your blogs and articles.

Offer it in seminars and speaking engagements.

Include it in your Shock and Awe package.

Talk about it or offer it via Facebook or Twitter.

Or distribute it at events, client meetings, or conventions.

Use it like you would a business card.

You can even have different books targeted for each market you serve (i.e. one for different every niche that you cater to).

More Great Things You Can Do With Your Book

One of the coolest things you can do with your book is to reuse the content or portions of the content in other marketing (the fancy word for this is called re-purposing). We do this automatically for our regular clients to help them create campaigns quickly.

As you can see, we “get” the power of the book, and we know what an effective book should look like, sound like, and act like.

Short of writing the thing for you, we make sure everything about it “sells” your expertise. We remind you if you’re missing important elements and pull from sources to make sure your report is comprehensive and helpful.

And of course, the fabulous design will be impressive to your readers and make you proud to give it away . All you have to do to get started is dump your knowledge in a Word document or speak it in a recording, and we do the rest.

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