Kurt Glen
  • Zine
  • Director of Operations
  • 703-591-4000

Favorite Book

In recent years I have not been as avid of a reader as I would like to be. With that said my favorite book would have to be "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini (Author of The Kite Runner). The vivid story telling along with the heart wrenching real struggles that the main character goes through her entire life set in the nation and time that she was born is humbling, believable, terrifying in numerous cases yet she pushes on through and remains a beautiful soul. 

Favorite Movie

I have three favorite movies. The first is a little known one (in my generation at least) by the name of "Paper Moon". A hilarious 1973 B&W film starring Ryan O'neal and his Daughter Tatum O'neal. Then there is 1955 "To catch a thief" starring Cary Grant. According to my parents I've loved this movie before I could even talk and I still do. Last but not least... "Pulp Fiction". 


I am a hobby addict and major DIYer. I love working on all types of cars, homes and electronics. I also offroad, go antiquing with my wife, camp, and now getting into a bit of wood working. If its old or something that can be tinkered with then I am game!


My wife and I have a seven year old Australian Shephard named Yogi who acts like a puppy one moment and an old man the next. We also have two cats that we adopted during our short stay in California (Sherlock & Twitch) and 8+ quails we keep for eggs that we give to neighbors and friends. 

What I love about my job…

There are so many things to love about my job. I get to solve problems/challenges that can be workflow, production, design etc. related while developing my marketing abilities. The team here at Zine is one that many envision that they would eventually become a part of. Its not that everything is perfect, but we are always working towards that in a positive, uplifting environment with a lot of great energy, which is MAJOR for me.