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Favorite Book

I definitely couldn’t choose one book to call my absolute favorite, but one that always comes to mind for me is the classic Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. While it’s a long and wordy piece and takes some discipline to read at times, I love all the different themes Dostoyevsky explores in the novel. His journey though man’s mind with his conscious along with his depiction of how mental illness affects an individual (which was a fairly taboo subject during his time of writing in late 19th century Russia) has all the dark and twisty aspects that I enjoy in a good fiction book. I often like reading a good success/productivity book as well. I tend to go through those more on audible so I listen to them whenever I have the chance and get through them quicker. I have so many of those types of books on my docket to finish—there are just so many that I’d like to read all at once!

Favorite Movie

I’m not an avid movie watcher and don’t really get around to watching any until after they’ve been released for a while, but some of my favorite books are Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series. As a result I’d have to say that the Hunger Games movies with Jennifer Lawrence have been one of the best book-to-movie renditions I have ever seen. While they might have not had every detail the book had, it was definitely one of the few movies that I feel didn’t completely mess up the themes and concepts brought up in the books and was able to maintain the original premise of the books throughout the movie series.


While I barely have any time to any extra hobbies into my daily schedule, something I’ve always enjoyed is fitness and exercise. I was a competitive gymnast for almost 8 years, but quit once I couldn’t sacrifice the time commitment anymore. Now, whether it's going on a run or just going to the gym, I try to get some sort of physical activity at least 3x a week since I’m not pursuing any sport. I’ve as of recently gotten into weight training and lifting. My phone is now solely filled with weightlifting tips that I read to get ideas for the next time I hit the gym. All of my time on social media is now just spent watching a plethora of fitness gurus!

Favorite quote

I’m always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” - Pablo Picasso
I think the quote speaks for itself. I’m a big believer in the only limit being yourself when it comes to achieving a new thing, and that you hold complete power when it comes to success or failure. I also find the quote quite amusing because of its utter simplicity. If you want to learn how to do something—the only way is to just go out, and well…do it.


Growing up I always begged my parents to adopt a dog. But, with my dad never being fond of animals and my mom taking care of my baby brother at the time, we never got around to getting one. Some years later I somehow convinced my parents to let me get a hamster which miraculously lived for two and a half years amidst all her countless escape attempts and remarkable survival of long-term brain damage (long story). Now as of recently I adopted a sweet little kitten who I first fostered before I decided that I absolutely must keep her. Needless to say after finding out how much work one cat alone was to take care of, my want for a puppy subsided.

What I love about my job…

I love the flexibly that comes with working at Zine. I’m able to pursue the things like my education as well as cultivate my other gifts and talents while being able to work in an environment where I don’t have to constantly worry about being slave to a job. What’s more is that Zine provides an area I can grow in my skills and abilities because of the of the nature of the workplace we are in. Since we’re a fairly small team, everyone is actively working to complete what needs to get done—and as a result everyone has the opportunity to learn or do something new.