The Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make In Their Marketing

Legendary speaker and motivational guru, Earl Nightingale, offers this great insight about success, “If you were setting out to accomplish something and had no role models to emulate, you could get a good start by looking at what the majority was doing—and doing the opposite.”

That is because most people learn by copying what others are doing, or following the “gurus” who teach theory but have very little to zero experience in the trenches. 

And what happens when you copy others? Well, you copy their mistakes too. Just like the recessive gene that bubbles to the surface when cousins marry cousins who marry cousins who marry cousins. The mistakes get magnified. 

We’ve worked with many business owners helping them create and implement marketing, and I wish I could say we see fewer and fewer of these mistakes being perpetuated. 

Sadly, that is not the case. 

So this book is my contribution to help clean up the bad gene pool of marketing. 

Inside, you’ll find…

  • The top marketing tactics that most people are NOT doing. 
  • The most valuable asset that business owners can make money from but woefully neglect
  • Dangerous and destructive mindsets that need to be identified and destroyed
  • The low down on price and why you’re not charging enough
  • Examples of creative, out-of-the-ordinary marketing
  • And more!

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