How Much Does It Cost?

Simple fee structure. 
You pay only for what the issues you produce and mail. There is no annual contract or commitment. But remember this is not a short term solution. You have to mail at least 6-12 issues to see results.  So don’t cop out after 3 issues. 

The first issue costs a little extra.
The first issue is $990 to get everything set up. But all subsequent issues are $690 plus printing and mailing costs.

All-in-One Printing and Mailing
We take care of the printing and mailing to streamline the process. We’ll review your printing options and give you the best solution. 

BONUS: The first five* GLM members who sign up will receive an exclusive GIFT EDITION of the famous Zine Shock & Awe Box.

*The Zine Newsletter Program for GLM is a premium, concierge level nurture marketing program. In addition to periodic reviews by the Zine marketing team, you receive personal attention to your brand, message, and overall newsletter strategy,  For that reason, only five new client slots are available per month.

If you’re ready to move forward, contact us by completing the form below. We’ll send you real samples, and review your needs, your list, schedule, process, and answer any questions to determine if the Zine Newsletter Program is a good fit for you.

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