Quick Description

Leverage your current client list by moving them into continuity (subscriptions to publications) or membership programs such as coaching, consulting, or VIP programs.

Why You Need This

Once you have a good client attraction and conversion system in place, the next logical step is to increase the lifetime value of your existing clients.

This is done by moving them from a transactional relationship (once in awhile income) to a subscription relationship (monthly, recurring income).

Juicy Details

This package is designed for accomplished attorneys who are advanced in their marketing and sales processes.

They have a strong message and reliable system to deliver valuable information and services to their followers on a regular basis.

But, one of their biggest headaches is coordinating with vendors, designers, printers, and even their own marketing people.

They need a creative team who understands law firm advertising and the marketing process: concept, design, creation, execution, follow up and how it integrates with their brand. They need somebody to just take the reins and get it done correctly. 

Zine has a long history of partnering with lawyers who are accomplished marketers to help them seamlessly create and implement complex, multi-step marketing campaigns.

We make sure all creative work is focused, accurate, and smartly integrated to meet the goals of your life and your law practice. 

  • One-page sales letter or invitation letter (including copywriting and design)
  • One-page welcome letter (including copywriting and layout)
  • One advertising piece such as a flyer or a postcard (including copywriting, design)
  • Help with landing page to capture responses
  • Membership Cards (including design and layout)
  • Help with compiling mailing lists and executing each campaign

Package Cost: If you understand the value of a membership program and are ready to get one started, contact us using the form below to set up a 30-minute phone meeting to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll review your needs, answer any questions, and determine if we can help you. We can customize any package, but you’ll need a budget of at least $1500 to start.

Optional Add-Ons

Welcome Package – a beautifully presented package of information and goodies to reinforce your new client’s decision to hire you, and make such a memorable impression that he can’t help but tell everyone about it.

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