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The #1 Problem In Writing and Publishing a Book

You probably already know that a self-published book is a staple for any attorney who is serious about marketing.

Authoring a book establishes your expertise, targets your ideal clients, educates prospective clients, and when done right, pre-sells them before they even meet with you.  

For lead generation, a book is one of the best and most effective offers for attracting high quality leads and cases.

As challenging as it may feel, the problem isn’t really the writing or creation of the book.

The content is already in your head. You don’t have to go do research, travel, interview people, etc. All you have to do is a brain dump, and then organize it in a coherent way. A good book designer (like Zine, of course) can help you make it presentable and compelling.

There are plenty of tactics and strategies to help you actually write a book. And they’re not hard.

The problem is…how will your book actually make more money for you?

What are you going to do AFTER it’s written, designed, and published?

What is your plan for letting people know it exists? Getting them to request it, or even be interested in it?

How are you going to get it into their hands?

And once they have it, what next?

You see, it’s not enough to just have a book. You have to have a plan to “werk it.”

How the Zine Attorney Book Package Helps You Actually Profit from Producing and Publishing a Book 

Of course our book package gives you a fabulous design and professional layout. That’s the fun part. Here is what else you get:

Guidance in the Pre-planning

We’ll help you brainstorm and select a compelling topic, including an attention-grabbing title to pique your ideal clients’ interest and get them to contact you. 

Feedback on the Content

Your book should speak to your market’s needs and wants. However, attorneys often end up writing about their legal process, and use lawyer jargon and concepts that don’t connect with their audience. As an objective third party, we’ll let you know if you’ve taken this road, and help you course correct.

Professional Interior Layout

We’ll help you organize and break up the information so that the reader can quickly absorb the content, get their questions answered, and recognize you as the leading expert.

Stunning Cover Design

Your book cover is the single most important part of your book. Not only should it look professional, it should help you sell the book. We’ll work with you to create a practical yet stunning front cover, and guide you through what is needed for the back cover.

A Customized Marketing Campaign

Unless your book is destined to just sit on your shelf, you need to know how to get it into the right hands. We will develop copy and strategy for promoting your book, and present it to you in a ready-to-go postcard or a print ad. We will also discuss ideas for creative marketing and promotion to get your book in people’s hands.

Help with Executing Your Campaign

You will get a downloadable version of your completed book, plus beautiful 3D graphics to use in your marketing. We can also print your books, or you can use your local printer. Additionally, we will discuss ideas for creative marketing and promotion to get your book in people’s hands, and help you plan and execute each campaign. 

How Much Does It Cost

For the full package, you will need an investment of at least $5000. However, we recognize not everyone needs every part. The Zine Attorney Book Package can be customized to include just the pieces you need.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Landing Page – In order for your book to function properly as a lead magnet, you need a place for your prospects to “land” after they see your ads so they can give you their info. Most people have a web site company who will help them build this landing page. But it’s usually a basic landing page. What we design for you has consistent graphics and branding, and compelling copy that prevents them from abandoning the page.   
  • Email campaign – You need to let the world know about your book. The postcard or print ad that is included in the package does that. But you can also email your book offer to your list. We’ll create a 5-part email campaign, including copywriting and layout, to help you get your book into people’s hands.
  • Logo Package – If you’re just starting your business, or are looking to update your logo to go with this foundational marketing package, now would be a good time to do it. Your finalized custom logo is delivered in multiple file formats, and comes with a complimentary business card design. 

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