A Crash Course in Branding

As an entrepreneurial attorney, you likely have some kind of business brand: your logo, your business card, your website, your advertising.

But your brand is more than your logo or your website, or even your services.

Your brand is how the market perceives you.

The primary way your brand is established is in how you articulate, package and deliver what you do. This message is communicated in your marketing and advertising, and also in the prospect and client experience when they are engaging with you.

Your Brand Encompasses All These Things

Your Market Position 

what you do and who you do it for 

Your Value Proposition

the problem you solve and the results you achieve 

Your Unique Selling Proposition

how you do it and what makes it different

Your Style

the manner in which you operate and communicate with your market

Your Purpose, Mission, and Values 

why you do what you do 

Fonts, Colors, and Style 

your visual presentation

The challenge for lawyers is that legal services are a commodity. Without a unique brand, they sound like everyone else.

Your brand is the law firm's personality. To humanize it, it is how your practice walks, talks, dresses, thinks, and goes about doing business.

The 4-Hour Brand Discovery Roadmap for Lawyers 

A valuable self-paced worksheet that walks you through the questions you need to ask to unlock what truly sets you apart.

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