If you’ve spent time, resources, and money creating strategic copy and a compelling message for a marketing campaign, only to have it fall apart at the hands of the designer, you’re in the right place.

Does this sound familiar?

You get the final finished piece and know something is wrong, but can’t put your finger on it. You don’t even know what to suggest to fix it. You’re a marketer, not a designer.

To make matters worse, you don’t want to argue with the designer, offend them, or hurt their feelings, so you reluctantly accept the job knowing it kinda sucks, and just hope for the best.

You look for another designer the next time you need something created. But you’re back to square one…schlepping over your files, logos, content, ideas to them to get the relationship started, and…well, once again…hope for the best.

There’s a better strategy than “hope for the best.”

Imagine this scenario instead:

You spend precious time, resources, and money creating strategic copy and a compelling message for a marketing campaign and are ready to hand it over to your designer to translate your idea into a visual presentation.

Your designer asks you questions about the goal of the marketing piece, your target market, your offer, your call-to-action, and the follow up to the marketing effort.

She makes suggestions for improvements or clarity based on your past marketing, your brand, your strengths, and your positioning in your market.

She then presents you with a design that brings attention to your message (and not her uh-mazing design talents) and creates the exact flow in message, ideas, and emotion that you had envisioned.

Once you see the marketing idea in a visual presentation, you are able to easily recognize any missing pieces, inconsistencies, or competing ideas. Your designer will give you suggestions based on other successful marketing she has worked on and seen implemented, and work with you to create a final finished piece that accurately captures your goals and vision for the campaign.

As if that wasn’t enough, she then helps you put gas in it by getting it printed, published, mailed or whatever it needs to get it out the door and into your market’s hands.

And if that wasn’t enough, your future projects are easier and faster to create and implement because she has a firm grasp of your message, your brand, and your past marketing. She has all your marketing assets. And she brings all that past goodness and experience to bear on every new project.

Too good to be true?

It’s not.

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