Why Us?

Before we talk about us, let’s talk ABOUT YOU for a minute…

You are:

  1. Looking for unique new ideas to grow your business.
  2. Ready to make some changes to your marketing campaigns and need someone to help you make it happen.
  3. Frustrated with how your business is doing.
  4. One step away from shutting your business down and getting a real job that will make you some money.
  5. All of the above.
  6. Not a business owner? (Then click here)

Whatever your situation, we understand completely, and even better, we can help you.

Why us?
Back in 2008, we were ready to shut the doors to our business. The recession hit us hard. Deep inside, we knew there had to be another way, but felt helpless to find it.

It was easier to join the chorus of other struggling business owners, blame the economy, and just give up.

However, a last-ditch, direct-mail effort connected me with Ben Glass, a local attorney and successful marketing consultant. When he wondered why our prices were so low, he got our sob story about how the economy was killing us and all we knew to do was slash our prices.

He explained how that was completely the wrong approach, and gave me several books and DVDs on effective marketing. There was a better way, and we finally found it. We became determined to turn the business around. You can read more of our story here.

Fast forward since then
Our business has seen significant growth as a result of studying effective marketing principles and implementing them. We understand what the BIG idea of good marketing is about—it’s NOT common sense, and it’s NOT popular opinion. As for Ben, well, he was so impressed, that our team now designs and produces practically ALL his marketing. Here’s what he says,

“Kia and her team ‘get it.’ I don’t have to explain why we are doing certain things in our marketing…but I have concepts and ideas and they turn them into reality! I’m so pleased that I finally found a graphic designer and printer who gets things done when they say they are going to… who doesn’t have to be told over and over again what it is we are looking for… and who works with us as part of our team to design powerful marketing campaigns.”


Here is more about us…

We’re Not a Traditional Marketing Agency
We don’t provide fifty-page marketing plans nor are our hallways filled with marketing awards and plaques (the praises of our satisfied clients is enough).

We’re a graphic design and print services providers who realize small businesses need their graphic design and printing to work for them to increase their profits.

We help you implement tried-and-true, no-nonsense, rubber-meets-the-road marketing ideas that work with small business resources.

We’re Not a Traditional Design Agency with Hoity-Toity Graphic Artists
…who try to impress you with complicated design processes and mind-numbing jargon (here is OUR design process (pdf) ). Our ultimate goal is to help small businesses succeed. We are talented graphic artists and designers who understand that small businesses need more than just a fancy logo and pretty business cards to succeed.

We’re Not a Smorgasbord Printer
We specialize in high-end, fast turn-around printing, with a focus on top quality marketing materials for small businesses.

Who are we then?
We are uniquely equipped to serve small business owners and entrepreneurs with exactly the right level of design, print, and marketing solutions—not overly complicated for agility and speed; and not overly simplified for powerful customized solutions. (Ain’t that all fancy-sounding?? It took me a long time to put all those big words together, so please read it again and feel free to let me know what a good job I did. Tanx!)

Happy Designs to You,

Kia Arian Kia Arian and the Zine Design Team.