Regardless of whether you’ve just started the adventure, or have a lifetime of experience behind you, all marketers go through ups and downs, thrills and let-downs, successes and failures.

It can be a crazy roller coaster ride.
At Zine, we help you get through it without throwing up.

The Zine Process gives you context for that journey so we can navigate it together to create clear, hard-hitting solutions that inspire action and get results.

The levels in the Zine Process do not indicate how advanced you are in your marketing, or where you should start or end up. They merely help you get the right level of support from us and create marketing that is correct, meets your goals, and gets the best results.

They also support the growth of your own marketing skills, because we believe truly excellent marketing isn't outsourced. The most valuable skill you have is your ability to gain wealth. And the ability to gain wealth begins with knowing how to market what you’re selling.


Level 1 You have content. We create a stunning presentation that gets results.

This level of support is for marketers who have content that they’re happy with, and need someone to create marketing with it. They need minimal input on the content, but they want to make sure that the message is captured in an effective presentation that is consistent with their established brand.

Every marketing message has a certain vibe, tempo, emotion, and pattern. A skilled designer will ensure that energy is captured and not squashed with a fancy design that brings attention to itself instead of the message. 

At this level, you get a professional design that not only protects your core message but strengthens and enhances it.


Level 2 You have content. We make it better and create a stunning presentation that gets results.

This level of support is for marketers who are developing their copywriting skills or have new content and stand to benefit from feedback and ideas from ourmarketing professionals.

Having an objective set of eyes review your content helps you uncover blind spots and add language and new ideas that someone outside of your industry can see.

Once the content is finalized, you get Level 1 support to create a beautiful marketing piece that gets results.


Level 3 We curate and create content, and create a stunning presentation that gets results.

This level of support is for marketers who have a healthy repository of good content. They don’t need new content for their marketing campaigns. They just need their existing content curated to create marketing with occasional new content to fill any gaps. 

At Zine, we’re able to identify good copy from your website, books, newsletters, and other media.

We know what constitutes an effective ad or marketing piece, and are able to create beautiful marketing and effective ads that correctly capture your brand and your message using results-driven strategies.


Level 4 We work closely with you to develop a new brand message and strategy.

Your new brand is then established with ongoing marketing projects and campaigns that we help you create.

At this level, we first interview you to uncover your unique story, message, and voice.

We then provide a Brand Summary Report that is the basis of all the new marketing content you develop.

The new marketing content is used to create brochures, ads, and even update your website.

The end result is a clear, focused brand and a compelling and authentic message that gives you the confidence to tell people about your products and services, and boldly sell to those who are willing and eager to buy from you.

Contact us to discuss your next marketing project, your goals, and how we can help.