We are TRUE Professionals.

The word “true” is added to this value to remind us what professionalism means at Zine. 

A true professional has a deep understanding and maturity in his/her craft. 

A true professional possesses the mental maturity to communicate clearly and candidly. 

A true professional remains calm and maintains stable performance under pressure or difficult circumstances. 

A true professional has emotional intelligence and exhibits self-control and maturity.


We are committed to TRUE Excellence.

The word “true” is added to this statement to remind us what excellence means at Zine. 

True excellence is giving fanatical attention to details, accuracy, and consistency

True excellence is learning through observation to absorb and retain new information.

True excellence is building on previous knowledge to provide holistic, complete solutions that take diverse factors into consideration 


 We value Strength in Character

We are honest and ethical even when no one is watching. 

We do not cut corners, lie or obscure information. 

We follow through on commitments. 


 We value Our People

Our People are our clients, colleagues, co-workers, vendors, and associates. 

We look for ways to provide customer experience, not just customer service.

We are compassionate and helpful and treat others with courtesy and respect and expect the same from Our People.

We go over and above what is expected by anticipating needs and problems. 


 We value Our Work

We are grateful for work and see it as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the community we serve.

We are not interested in only a paycheck.

We show enthusiasm and passion for our work and take pride in our accomplishments

We look for merit and not entitlement.


 We are Problem Solvers, Not Problem Reporters

We don't make excuses or blame shift. 

We can take constructive criticism and correction without being defensive.

We look for ways to improve and prevent mistakes and errors.

We are solution focused. 


 We are Optimistic and Resourceful

We focus on potential and possibilities, not shortcomings and failures.

We reject complaining and cynicism. 

We accept the discomfort of change as essential to growth.

We are overcomers and face obstacles and challenges and do not give up easily.


 We are Proactive

We are observant and aware of our environment. 

We are curious, ask insightful questions, and seek to understand.

We act without being told what to do and bring new ideas and solutions. 


 We are Confident yet Modest

We are not afraid of failure or rejection.

We are willing to take risks.

We are able to think big, imagine and dream.

We are forever learners