Selecting a Content Style helps you quickly and easily produce content your audience enjoys.

Below you will find three content styles with examples: Thought Leader, Expressive Leader, Motivational Leader. The goal is to make it fun and easy to produce a newsletter and connect with readers.



Thought Leader

This approach provides highly informative or educational content that requires ample space for text. It is typically targeted to a professional audience, or readers with a higher education level. It connects to their desire for learning, reasoning, and logic.

Justice at Work Newsletter
Your Lawyers for Life Newsletter
Winning Together Newsletter

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Expressive Leader

This approach uses a blend of professional information and fun, personal content. The audience can be professional or casual readers. It is a hybrid of Thought Leader and Motivational Leader. This flexible style connects to the reader’s desire for learning as well as emotional stimulation.

Building Blocks Newsletter
Your Business Matters Newsletter
Breathe LIFE... Newsletter

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Motivational Leader

This approach uses short, easy-to-digest snippets of content. The articles are more inspirational and personal than educational. This style appeals mostly to your readers’ desire for entertainment and emotional stimulation.

The Earley Edition Newsletter
Iz Legal Illustrated Newsletter
The Lex Canis Newsletter

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