Do You Want to Know the Secret to Ben Glass's success?

It's this: he takes the best marketing and advertising principles outside of the legal industry and figures out how to make it work in his law firm.

He calls it the Renegade Lawyer mindset. It defies traditional lawyer advertising and takes a completely different approach. It is an approach that has very little to do with how good of a lawyer you are, and everything to do with removing yourself the fierce competition that exists in lawyer advertising.

Unfortunately, many advertising agencies targeted to lawyers take advantage of this competition by pitting lawyers against each other or using fear of missing out to lure lawyers into expensive and ineffective marketing.

The marketing we create for attorneys rejects this philosophy and aligns fully with Ben Glass’s principles.

At Zine, we have a deep understanding of Great Legal Marketing principles and the Renegade Lawyer mindset.

We’ve successfully implemented these principles in hundreds of marketing projects for Ben Glass and Great Legal Marketing members.

Contact us to discuss your next marketing project, your goals, and how we can help.