Do You Even Need Professional Graphic Design?

When we talk about “graphic design”, we’re not talking about just making things look good. Good graphic design will always make it look good—that’s a given.

But, professional graphic design will help you communicate. In other words, the design brings attention to your message, not to itself.

Most people just want their stuff to look really hot.

It’s an ego thing. If their marketing looks good, then they look good. Who cares whether or not it makes them any money or says anything useful? They just want to look hot! That’s perfectly fine. There’s a time and place for that, and we understand completely.

If you want your print marketing to just look really awesome, we can certainly do that.

But the more we do these kinds of designs, the more painful it is for us. Even though it looks really awesome, it has no brains, it fails to communicate anything, and we just end up feeling sorry for the awesome design.

“What did ‘ya call me!??”

Do you know what we call a hot-looking ad or a sleek postcard that lacks a strong, compelling message? We call it  “an impotent ad.”

It sounds sad, but, it doesn’t have to be that way. The better way is to give your designs some brains by crafting a compelling message to go with that great design.

But it’s not just great design.

It is design that brings attention to your message, makes it clearly understood, and connects with the reader.

Making that connection can be a thousand times more effective when you provide a visual experience and control the way they absorb the information in order to get the desired response.

Are we just full of hot air?

That may sound like fluff to you. But trust me, it isn’t. In fact, it’s a proven area of study that the way people experience things aesthetically can have a powerful influence on them. (Check out one of our favorite books on this subject)

What’s our point?

What this all means for you is that if your message is accompanied by a consistent and professional look that guides the reader in an organized and compelling way, then your message will be all the more powerful and memorable.

So do you need professional graphic design?

If you have a great message but poor presentation, then yes, get professional design. A good designer will help you evoke the desired reaction from your audience.

But be warned, most graphic designers will want to strip down your great message to make it submit to their design idea. They’ll argue with you that you can’t say this and that, and bore you to tears about the importance of white space, bullet points, and minimalism. Don’t let them.

If you have no message but a great looking design, think about what you want to communicate, and add it in without sacrificing your look (hey, we like to look good too!).

The Truth: Content is King.
The Secret Truth: Content with BLING* is Even MORE KING™

Every design element in a marketing piece should have a specific purpose. The primary purpose of every design element is to bring attention to the message.

So, the question isn’t really, “Do I need professional graphic design?” The question is, “Do I have a strong message and is it communicated with a powerful design?”

A great message communicated in a great design gives your marketing double the power.

For help on crafting your marketing message, check out our free book, “Designers Gone Wild: The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Print Marketing”


Happy Designs to You,

Kia Arian Kia Arian and the Zine Design Team

*Bling: flashy, adorned, high-class, wealthy.

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