When Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle was bought by Adam Witty to become No B.S. Inner Circle, their first conference as the new No B.S. was a key event. It was crucial that the sales materials for the event communicate the correct message to maximize attendance.  


The old GKIC had lost many loyal customers and was struggling to regain its market position. The conference was a key event designed to showcase the new No B.S. organization and bring people together. They wanted the sales materials to appeal to former members (many who were lifetime members) and new members who didn’t know the history of the organization.


Adam Witty enlisted the help of the original founder, Dan Kennedy, to create the sales materials. Dan contact us directly to help him create a Back to the Future theme that incorporated the rich history and success of the organization, with a renewed, forward-looking focus on the future. We were tasked with melding together a retro, futuristic style that also incorporated Dan Kennedy’s low-brow, home-baked look. Because of our familiarity with Dan’s brand and style, we required very little creative direction from Adam's team which freed them to focus on selling the event. 

The seemingly "hodge-podge" elements of the sales letter came together beautifully. Overall, it was visually appealing, and used both retro-style graphics and images alongside futuristic elements. We used Dan’s favorite typestyles and layouts to make sure his fingerprint was seen all over the letter. 


The event attracted many former members, lifetime members, and new members. No B.S. Inner Circle was able to successfully launch the new brand and usher a renewed sense of community and shared hope in a more successful future for everyone. 

Services We Provided

Sales Letter Design