Ben Settle is an internationally known author, email marketing expert, and business coach. He teaches a concept called “infotainment” which is demonstrated in his own marketing. Ben has created a powerful, personality driven brand that has attracted thousands of people to his paid “Email Players” membership group.


Over the years, Ben Settle had generated volumes of copy that he wanted to repurpose to create and publish books. He didn't want the typical book cover design. Instead, he wanted book covers that not only captured the message and flavor of the book, but his signature anti-professional, personality driven brand. He had unusual ideas for the book covers that required a deep understanding of his brand strategy in order to correctly communicate it in each book cover.


As a member of Email Players, Zine has up-close knowledge of Ben's teachings and strategies for personality-based marketing.  We were able to identify unique and edgy aspects of his brand, including his tone, the words he uses, and the way he communicates, and weave them into each of the book covers. We use a different strategy for his book designs that intentionally rejects the "best practices" for book covers to reinforce his anti-professional, non-conformist brand. 


Since 2019, Ben has written and published 14 books, and receives many positive comments and visceral reactions to his book covers. He has printed the cover designs as poster art for his office and continues to enjoy profits from the sales of his books.

Service We Provided

Book Cover Design