Dan Kennedy is a speaker, marketing strategist, and copywriter who has authored dozens of business success and marketing books, and publishes multiple newsletters. His  strategies, copywriting, and campaigns have generated millions of dollars in sales and profits for his clients and coaching members.  

Dan Kennedy The Millionaire Maker


Dan Kennedy has a powerful no-frills brand that is consistent with his no-frills message. He rarely uses outside designers for his marketing as they often sabotage the presentation of the message with superfluous aesthetics. This also presented a problem for his clients who receive compelling copy and strategy from Dan, only to have it compromised with poor design. 


Zine understood that Dan Kennedy’s low-brow and “undesigned” look is an important part of his brand that instantly identified the marketing piece for the reader. We also recognized how his style choices in his copywriting communicated a rhythm, cadence, and tone for the reader. We used strategies that combined direct marketing principles with Dan’s style to complement one another and create a compelling presentation that was still uniquely “Dan.”


Dan received a positive response from his audience who enjoy Dan’s unique “voice” and presentation style, but now in a more readable format that was refreshing and visually engaging. The added color and graphics to the sales presentation, as well our creative input into his concepts evoked renewed interest and curiosity in Dan and his seemingly new direction.

Services Provided

Sales Letter Design

Cover Design