Ben Glass Law had experienced significant success as a pioneer in applying direct response principles to a law firm. The founder, Ben Glass, wanted the success of his law firm reflected in the extensive marketing materials that was being produced.


The Ben Glass Law brand was a hodge-podge of ideas, varying logos, and messages. Their extensive direct marketing efforts had produced an enormous volume of printed marketing materials and messages that went out to leads, prospects, and clients on a regular basis. They wanted clear, professional brand that unified their collection of marketing materials.



We started with the Ben Glass Law logo to establish the colors, fonts, and overall style. The new logo was incorporated into his business stationery and his signature marketing program, the LiveLifeBig Newsletter, which was redesigned from scratch. The LiveLifeBig magazine was also created to further establish the Ben Glass Law brand.


Ben Glass’s book covers, which were used as lead generation tools, were redesigned to add interest and reflect the multi-faceted nature of his brand. His lead generation books were designed to be clear and effective in advertising in order attract people.



Ben Glass Law not only gained greater status and credibility with the new look, they effectively repositioned themselves in their market as leaders and experts in personal injury and long-term disability. Their marketing felt more cohesive and consistent, which facilitates brand recall in consumers. The LiveLifeBig newsletter continues to bring new cases, clients, and referrals that has helped Ben Glass expand his law firm beyond the practice of law and become a place where he serves, educates, and unifies the local community.


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