New York City Workers Compensation

Mary Ellen O’Connor is a workers’ compensation attorney in New York. She is a hard working attorney but also a no-nonsense entrepreneur and savvy marketer.  

After getting hit-and-miss success on several marketing initiatives, she decided it was time to go back to the basics. She wanted to control her own content and do what felt meaningful for her. She wanted to reconnect with the people she’d done business with–-her past clients, referral sources, and other attorneys–and invest in those relationships.

Mary Ellen joined the Raving Clients Growth Program which always starts with the Brand Discovery Intensive 

During that process, we dissected her existing message, market, and value drivers. And then walked through rebuilding it.

Her new tagline was changed to:

O’Connor Law Helps New York City and State Workers Injured on the Job Get Their Lives Back Fast.

We relaunched her print newsletter with a fresh new style and visual brand that consisted of bright, welcoming colors and a content strategy that captured the gentle, human side of her law firm and her team.


O'Connor Law NewsletterO'Connor Law Postcard


The new visual brand was used to create a Shock and Awe Welcome Box that is used in the onboarding process for all new clients. Besides delighting her client with gifts and fun swag, the box communicates important information about their case and what to expect working with O’Connor Law. It also sets them up to expect a great experience. 


O'Connor Law Shock and Awe Box


Mary Ellen’s team quickly used the new brand to launch an engaging Instagram page, Facebook and YouTube channel. 

She is in the process of recreating her website to align with the new brand and personality of the law firm. 

In all of it, Mary Ellen was very intentional about wanting a brand that was welcoming, lively, and fun. She and her staff have done an excellent job carrying this brand into their social media and day to day work to connect with their prospects, clients, and referral sources in a fun, meaningful way.

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