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Byron Warnken is a PI and Workers’ Compensation attorney in Baltimore. His law firm, Warnken Law, is one of the biggest WC law firms in his area. Byron is an experienced marketer who has invested multiple 7-figures in direct mail, TV, billboards, Google, and social media. He rocked it with Google advertising until it became too expensive and unpredictable. He then moved to online marketing and has a robust social media presence with terrific videos and reels and strong brand. 

So then why would an experienced marketer like Byron contact a marketing agency?

Read it in his own words:

Why did you contact Zine?

I had a lot of trepidation that there might be a better way than the path I chose. I wondered if we might be going down the wrong path as a law firm. I didn’t feel confident about our direction. We also had a disjointed brand message. The ideas were there, but they were scattered. 

After a couple of long conversations about the challenges he was facing, Kia recommended Byron sign up for our Brand Discovery Intensive. The information that is uncovered in this process was exactly what Byron was looking for. 

What do you feel was the biggest problem Zine solved during the brand discovery process?

This process tightened our message. It clarified and sharpened what we were really about.

What were your biggest AHAs?

That we actually do marketing pretty well. But it’s energy draining when you’re questioning everything you’re doing. It’s easy to give up, so how do you really grow? How do you go from 1 mil to 3 mil to 6 mil in revenues? I discovered that you go from “Doing” to “Marketing” to “Being.” I am good at Doing the law part and Marketing the law part. I realized that my Being is an Angry F**king Rock Thrower. And that is what is going to take me to the next level.

Byron discovered what was really important to him. He was tired of talking about how to win a claim, the 10 mistakes to avoid and blah blah blah. What lit him up was helping his clients win at life and fight dishonest insurance companies and institutions. When he finally got clarity about that, we developed a strategy that would free him from creating “boring” content so he could focus on talking about what really mattered to him.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going through this process? 

It can only help you….whether it does it a little or a lot, it helps. You have to do this work to get to where you want to go. You’ve already done it whether you know it or not, so might as well do it with a professional.

What did you like most about this process? 

Being outside of the bottle, stepping back the 30K foot view. Having Kia as a facilitator. And having my marketing assistant, Rebecca enmeshed in it.

Any additional comments or feedback you would like to share? 

There is a lot of prep work to it. And It ain’t cheap, but I'm glad I did it. 

What was clear was that Byron had a lot more to give to his world than what he was doing in his law firm. And when he finally gets it out there, he will attract not just more leads, clients, and referral sources to his law firm but they will be raving fans of his true message and conviction to justice.

We’re excited to see what Byron creates.


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