Attorney Advertorial

An advertorial can be a very effective way to get your message read and acted upon. But there are key principles to follow to get the maximum benefit out of your advertising dollars.

First, what even is an advertorial?

An advertorial is a type of advertising that’s presented in an editorial format, meaning it’s meant to be informative and educational rather than just promotional. Advertorials can be very effective marketing tools for lawyers because they allow you to reach potential clients with information about your services, expertise, and successes in a way that feels more objective and trustworthy than traditional advertising.

But there are a few things lawyers should keep in mind when using advertorials for legal marketing:

1 Keep your content accurate and informative. Don’t use hyped language or make claims without objective evidence. If you start promoting yourself, the reader’s “advertisement” siren goes off, and you’ve lost them.

2 Disclose the advertising nature of the content…if you have to. Many publications will automatically add a header or footer that says “Advertisement” if you submit an advertorial-style ad. That’s fine. But if the publication doesn’t require it, don’t volunteer it, for heaven’s sake.

3 Tailor to the target audience. Advertorials are great for reaching specific groups of potential clients, like small business owners or individuals going through a divorce or a specific injury or health issue. Identify the audience you want to reach and speak to their unique and specific needs, worries, or interests.

4 Be strategic about the design. Your ad should look like it is part of the publication. Match the style, colors, fonts, and layout as much as possible.

5 Use a variety of media. Advertorials are traditionally print media. But you can take that ad and distribute it online or use it on Facebook as a lead magnet or post it as an article or link on LinkedIn.

6 Measure the effectiveness of your advertorials. Always use a trackable URL or phone number or a unique offer that will tell you how the ad is performing.

Overall, advertorials are a unique addition to your legal marketing strategy. By following the principles described, you can bypass obstacles people have to traditional advertising, establish yourself as a trusted resource, and build credibility for your law firm.

If you’d like to discuss a broader marketing strategy for your law firm that incorporates direct response advertising and proven marketing principles, schedule a Vision Discovery Call.

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